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Shadow of Mordor Short Review


Shadow of Mordor is a game where you fight kill orcs. That’s about it. But hey, the developers made the entire game entertaining so it isn’t a bad thing that it’s just based upon that.

Shadow of Mordor goes beyond what is expected in that concept by creating multiple systems that make the game unique to things similar to it.

For example, the orc’s have a system of leadership which you can exploit by fixing duels in their hierarchy to kill off a particular orc.

The game also provides each orc captain with a unique personality, different sets of skills and sometimes weaknesses to exploit. This makes the game feel more fresh due to it allowing the player to have many unique encounters with different captains and how the player deals with the particular captain.

Later on in the game, the game provides another great mechanic which allows you to create sort of “sleeper agents” out of the captains, which you can use to infiltrate the higher ups and even get your controlled orcs to lead the others as warchiefs.

This game provides a very entertaining experience and a decent storyline that really doesn’t matter due to the gameplay completely overshadowing it.

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