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Fish Club is a smaller club at Oswego High School, that bases itself around the Bible and the Christian Faith.

I took the time to interview the two leaders of Fish Club, Tim Leger and Luca Drago; both seniors at OHS.

When asked how is Fish important to the school, Luca replied “Fish is important to the school because it’s a minority, a smaller club…we give a different perspective than the majority of the school.”

This club has around 9-10 students that attended all year.The club meets on Fridays and their goals are very clear.

Their goal is according to both Tim and Luca, “…to share the Gospel with every student possible. How can you accomplish great things without having high goals?”

The overall goal is to spread what they believe, pretty much like everyone else.

The club is trying to bring in a worship service and begin to have students and musically talented people perform every Friday. With this they hope they can bring in more students and make their club better.

When asked how Fish Club can help people, Tim replied with “we basically take time at the end taking anyone’s prayer requests. If you are struggling come up to anyone of us and we can help you.”

The future of the club is to leave their own goals to be continued, by others. The club wants to grow and get more people to bring friends so then there will be people who are getting very involved in their club.

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