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Culvers Regional Competition


Do you enjoy butterburgers? Custard? How about cheese curds? If you said yes to any of those questions, come visit your local Oswego Culvers today and take a quick two minute survey!

The Culvers of Oswego is in competition with every other Culvers simply to see which one is the best, and we made it into the top 44! You’re probably wondering, what’s the prize for you guys? Well, if we make it into the top 5, as a restaurant, we win $50,000!

But, in order to get there, we need Oswego’s help! Visit the Culvers on 34, make a purchase, take your receipt, and take our survey at www.tellculvers.com using the survey code found on the bottom of your receipt!

No pressure or anything, but we’d really appreciate it if you gave us five stars for every category, even if you’re visit was really just a four! Your answers to simple questions like “was the food warm enough?” and “how was the customer service” and even “were the bathrooms clean?” could give us that $50,000!

Since there are around 50 employees, that means $1,000 per individual employee! Culvers of Oswego has never made it this far in the competition, which must mean that we currently obviously have a great staff going, which also means that I can guarantee you excellent service, which means finally you can give us a great review and help us win it all!

Stop into your local Oswego Culvers today and see for yourself. Welcome to delicious!

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