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The age limit needs to be raised for prom guests

My senior prom took place on April 23 this year; I got my dress, I chose my makeup look, I made my hair appointment, I got the guest pass form for my date, and I didn’t go.  There are a few reasons why I decided not to go, but the main reason was that...

Sammie’s official ranking of Starbucks spring/summer drinks

Starbucks is known for its rotating seasonal selection of drinks, but some drinks just shouldn't be rotated back in—take it from me, I’ve tried nearly all of them. Typically the new seasonal drinks are very popular and sold out by the end of every week, at least for the fall and winter beverages; the spring and summer...

Senior Column: Protect your peace

3 year old sammie posing with sunglasses on

Alone does not mean lonely. It took me almost four years to figure that out, so let me tell you how I came to this realization. 

East Aurora School District 131 gives technology to SD308 for remote learning

A Chromeboook computer sits out on an outdoor desk

While distributing devices to families the district started running low and the technology department realized they were going to need more technology than they could provide.

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