Starbucks is known for its rotating seasonal selection of drinks, but some drinks just shouldn’t be rotated back in—take it from me, I’ve tried nearly all of them. Typically the new seasonal drinks are very popular and sold out by the end of every week, at least for the fall and winter beverages; the spring and summer drinks from Starbucks have been underwhelming the past few years, to say the least. Starbucks has gotten rid of some of its most popular and loved beverages, and it has also kept options that undoubtedly will never be ordered more than three times a day. So with that, here are 10 ranked spring and summer Starbucks drinks, from best to worst.

#1- The strawberry acai refresher/lemonade

One passing period at OHS tells you all you need to know about why this drink is number 1; during those six minutes, you will probably see at least four different friend groups all with the same light-pink colored drink. I can guarantee that it is this drink, and if you want it to be a little sweeter, a common addition is the raspberry syrup (if you can get it on a day it’s in stock). While it may seem basic, it is good and almost everyone likes this drink, so it’s No. 1.

#2- Iced matcha latte with a non-dairy milk

If you have Tik Tok, or any social media for that matter, you’ve seen the growing popularity of matcha—specifically the iced matcha lattes from Starbucks. Although many matcha connoisseurs bash Starbucks matcha for being “low grade” or “all sugar,” it tastes good and people like to believe it is healthier than their typical iced coffee, so its trend will likely continue.

#3- Iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso

This is the top coffee beverage because it’s very popular and it appeals to a lot of people; people love that it is already made with a non-dairy milk, it’s sweetened with the brown sugar flavor but not too much, and it has a good amount of caffeine. This drink is very light because of the slightly sweet brown sugar flavor and creamy oat milk—perfect for spring and summer when you need a caffeine boost.

#4- Dragon drink and Pink drink

Both of these drinks are tasty as well as pretty; there isn’t much wrong with these drinks. Which one you like more is just up to what flavor you like more: mango v strawberry. The only downside of these drinks is the suspicious fruit pieces added into the drinks that no one asked for. The drinks taste good and refreshing, they’re brightly colored, and they’re light for spring and summer. The baristas make so many of these, it is always a safe choice.

#5- Any pistachio-flavored beverage

Mid. Everything about the pistachio sauce is mid. This is one of the seasonal flavor options during the spring and early summer, and unfortunately this is the best it gets; while there isn’t anything that bad about the pistachio flavor, there just isn’t anything good either. For one, Starbucks has barely advertised it this year, so most people probably don’t even know it’s an option; second, I have never had someone tell me they love the pistachio latte from Starbucks or even seen anyone order it. Pistachio is mid; so is its rank.

#6- Any iced tea lemonade

The iced tea lemonades are a good option for spring and especially summer because they are so light and refreshing, and there are many customizations you could make. They are ranked lower because they can be a bit plain and they aren’t as popular; they are a very realistic option, however.

#7- Frappuccinos

Let’s be real—these are for children and middle schoolers or significant others who never go to starbucks and want a “shake.” Ranked No. 7 to represent the 7-year-olds or seventh graders that keep these relevant. (This excludes the caramel ribbon crunch).

#8- Toasted vanilla oat milk shaken espresso

Bath and body works vanilla candles.

#9- Chocolate almond milk shaken espresso

This drink is just not worth it; it’s somehow bitter even with the chocolate, which all  sinks to the bottom, while being near impossible to stir in. -4 points for tasting bad,  -5 points for being impractical, ranked No. 9.

#10- Anything involving the kiwi starfruit

It personally offends me that this drink stayed on the menu, but the berry hibiscus refresher was discontinued—if you know, you know, and if you don’t, you missed out. Not once have I seen someone walk out with this drink in their hand, and no wonder, because the taste is so weird that it is impossible to tell  if it tastes good or not. 

Keep in mind all these drinks are on the menu for a reason, and that this guide was made by a basic girl whose favorite order is an iced vanilla oat milk latte, so take from that what you will. If your favorite drink is on this list and is not ranked as high as you think it should be, I apologize (unless it is No. 8-10; you’re just wrong).

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