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Clay Maxam, Staff Writer

OHS students to help fight for our freedom

Military honors hallway and logos for military branches

Hoorah, Oswego! As most students pack up their bags and head off to college, there are certain ones who are packing up everything they own and following their ambitions to protect our country. Among the most stone-cold, ambitious students at Oswego High School is a group which possesses a certain passion for aiming to make the...

Zero to hero: Mitch Trubisky

Graphic with sillouhette of Mitch Trubisky holding up the Bears logo. Text: Trubisky zero to hero

Staffers Clay Maxam and Matt Zgobica dive into the career of Mitch Trubisky, an athlete who started as nothing and became something.

The GOAT Faceoff, Ep. 1: Lebron vs. Jordan

The GOAT Faceoff logo, a goat on a basketball court On the first episode of the GOAT Faceoff, Jacob Anderson, Matt Zgobica, Zach VanGilder, and Clay Maxam discuss whether Lebron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.

Oswego can’t decide on a temperature, and I’m not having it

Hopefully your turkeys weren’t covered in icicles after sitting in traffic due to the way this weather is acting.

A Boogie & C Dot Honcho tear down the forge

Any concert lover from Oswego High School who wasn’t in attendance at the A Boogie & C Dot Honcho concert definitely missed out.

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