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Oswego can’t decide on a temperature, and I’m not having it

Graphic Credit: Mack Hulke and Jamani Reed

Turkey season is here, and a downfall of temperatures have already arrived this month in Oswego—some days reaching below 20 degrees! Hopefully your turkeys weren’t covered in icicles after sitting in traffic due to the way this weather is acting.

Experiencing the major drop in temperature and weather pattern in Oswego these past few weeks has been horrific. This is the perfect time of year for an extreme change in weather to occur—not! I remember being young and experiencing the struggle of boredom at the Thanksgiving dinner table, eagerly waiting to get that game of family football going. Well, now you’re stuck inside with your Aunt Sally’s hot breath steaming up the room—all because it’s too cold to go outside. The family football game is still possible, but you might get struck with a case of hypothermia.

According to Accuweather, on Monday, Nov. 5, the high was 52 degrees Fahrenheit with a chilling low of 42 degrees. For the beginning of November, Oswego’s average high-low temperatures are typically 54 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit—cold indeed, but could be worse.

The following day, the temperatures dropped slightly with a high-low temperature of 49/36 degrees. With this weather, the beginning of the month wasn’t too bad at first. On Thursday, Nov. 8, temperatures in Oswego began to drop dramatically. The average temperature report for the second week of Nov. in Oswego is a high of 52 degrees and a low of 36 degrees. This year, those numbers have gone incognito with a high-low temperature of 38/31 degrees. BRRR!

Now, about the S word…snow. Yes, I said it. A few weeks ago, I’m sure you can remember what was scattered all across our town. Oh yes, that day when Oswego woke up—dazed and confused, only to look outside and see a winter wonderland. Snow had been falling and seemed as if it had covered every inch of the ground. And guess what? It did! On top of the silky snow, the high was only 34 degrees with the low dropping to an astounding 18 degrees. I would imagine that nobody expected that day to turn out the way it did, nor be prepared for the hazardous driving weather that came with it. All of a sudden, it started snowing and nobody knew how to drive! You don’t have to go 20 in a 45 just because of some snow, but you also don’t need to be flying down 71 like a complete maniac going 60-plus miles per hour! Ugh.

Aside from the snow, Oswego’s temperatures will be floating over the next couple of weeks with the average high temperature ranging between 25 and 50 degrees. The average low temperature for Oswego will continue to range from the mid 20’s to the low 30’s. For Thanksgiving, the reported high-low temperature was a chilling 43/33 degrees Fahrenheit, with hopes that the skies were clear for some outdoor football. Most people had to double up their coats as they made their way to the family dinner table so they could feast in comfort.

Whether or not families played football on the street or watched it from their sofas, the chilling temperatures in Oswego are here to stay. We hoped the day we stuffed our stomachs with turkey would be in warmth, unfortunately it wasn’t. Stay warm, Oswego, and have a good rest of you holiday season!


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