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BIONIC receives graduation cords


This fall, BIONIC turned a dream from members a decade ago into a reality. Not only did the student group BOINIC receive graduation cords after 10 years of effort, but they had overwhelming support from both the school board and the Oswego community. 

On October 23, Bionic Board members presented their request for the cords to the SD308 School Board in hopes of receiving approval to wear them at graduation for outstanding efforts in the community. 

“It’s important in such a big school to create a community within our school because there are so many different people,” said senior BIONIC Board member Brenna Mcumber.

“I think that not only the work we put in [to the presentation] which is a lot, but also the recognition of community that we have built and kept,” said senior Charlie Snyder.

BIONIC sponsor Wendy Monn shared the process that members went through to attain their goal of graduation cords: “Before school, showing up to meetings, during school hours, mentoring in TALK, traveling to other schools for HIKE, the students that are my TAs to help with BIONIC during the day, after school putting in the hours to make these programs run, speaking in front of the school board. This club would be nothing without our students and the time they put in,” Monn said. 

BIONIC members train for events, attend meetings and events, and spread their kindness throughout life. This is on par with the commitment of other clubs and honors societies that receive cords for their hard work and dedication. 

“There is something that should be done for the effort that you put in your high school career and were trying to recognize people who do great things,” said Snyder.

The club offers many new experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise experience. Many members have found their passions in community service. 

“BIONIC made me realize that I want to work with children in the future so it’s really going to help me get into my career,” said senior Audry Lafountain. 

BIONIC not only changes the lives of the students it helps, but also the members. A shifted perspective of life that many members hold so dearly is the hope they learn from each other. 

“‘Every day holds a possibility of change’ is the strong force behind what BIONIC is based upon. I apply this quote to my everyday life,” senior BIONIC board member Natalie Meldon said.

“Every day holds new possibilities to make a difference and to change someone else’s life. Every small step can be a step forward that gets you closer to what you are trying to achieve,” Meldon added.

BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) was founded in the late 1990s by OH social worker Ralph Mitchner. He believed everyone had a voice that was valuable and needed. 

Mitchner wanted a way to help grow the community within the school. BIONIC is well known for its T.A.L.K (Teens activating the language of kindness) and HIKE (Heroes Invested in Kindness Every day) events. Through these, they have helped class after class feel connected and accepted. 

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