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Hello! I'm Fionnuala Quinn. I'm currently a junior OHS and this is my second year of journalism. Apart from journalism, I am involved in Cross Country, Track and Feild, Best Buddies, and horticulture club.

BIONIC receives graduation cords

This BIONIC art display depicts hearts with something students are grateful for. Credit: Nola Quinn, 42Fifty

This fall, BIONIC turned a dream from members a decade ago into a reality. Not only did the student group BOINIC receive graduation cords after 10 years of effort, but they had overwhelming support from both the school board and the Oswego community. 

[[TRAD]] Reconocen Día Nacional de la Salud Mental

La puerta para ingresar a la sala "Panther Pause", donde los estudiantes pueden venir para desestresarse y recargar energías. Crédito: Nola Quinn Reportera 42-50

El Día Nacional de la Salud Mental fue reconocido el 10 de octubre de 2023. Fue declarado el 10 de octubre de 1992, con la intención de difundir la defensa de la salud mental. Con el paso de los años  se ha convertido en un movimiento mundial con un tema fijo cada año. El tema de este año es “Nuestras mentes, nuestros derechos”. El objetivo es amplificar que la atención de salud mental es un derecho humano al que todos deberían tener acceso.

Opinion: Fall hikes to resurrect the granola girls from their slumber

Hiking trail outside of Matthiessen State Park

The crunch of fallen leaves painted in every shade of red; the gentle sounds of the creek; the scuttering squirrels searching for their next treat. You find the tallest tree and lean against it as you feel the soft fall air fit your face. Your hiking boots sink into the soft ground as the blazing summer gently drifts into fall. Very few people know about the vast benefits of hiking. In addition to the beautiful views and fresh air there are so many physical advantages.  OH LRC Director Drew Mundsinger is an avid hiker who loves the health benefits of getting in a quick trail walk.  “It’s a great way to relieve stress that doesn’t involve the stigma of working out or going on the treadmill or to the weight room,” said Mundsinger.

National Mental Health Day Recognized

La puerta para ingresar a la sala "Panther Pause", donde los estudiantes pueden venir para desestresarse y recargar energías. Crédito: Nola Quinn Reportera 42-50

National Mental Health Day was celebrated on Oct. 10, 2023. It was declared on Oct. 10, 1992, with the intent of spreading mental health advocacy. Over the years it has developed into a worldwide movement with a set theme each year. This year's theme is “Our Minds Our Rights.” The aim is to amplify that mental health care is a human right that everyone should have access to.    Mental health has been a top priority of schools in recent years. The teen mental health crisis has risen drastically.  In a survey of high school students by the CDC in 2021,  44% of participants experienced persistent sadness and hopelessness while 29% said they experienced poor mental health.

OHS Celebrates 60 Years of Panther Pride

For the 60th anniversary of the Oswego High School building on Route 71, OHS staff showed their Panther spirit with matching navy blue shirts boasting the ever-changing growth and development in the district.