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A picture of a dance. There are people surrounding rave lights.
Riley O'Brien

In today’s podcast, we discussed the best details of homecoming. Spirit week, food, and the dance itself! We’re pretty opinionated… (spoiler alert: homecoming wasn’t as bad as you may think.)

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Hi, I'm Gianna! This is my first year on staff as a junior in high school, as well as the Art & Spanish editor! I'm part of the LASO, Quill & Scroll, and NAHS.

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Hi I'm Ruby, this is my first year on the 42Fifty staff. I am a junior in highschool. My OHS activities include choir, and Rho Kappa.



  1. Fun review of HoCo! The spirit week for seniors was definitely unorganized – it’s a tough call for them to do the same as everyone else or have a related theme with their own senior twist. And I hear a mix of opinions on outdoor/indoor dance, but I love the outdoor pep assembly!

    Nice job on your first podcast!

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