This past Friday, during period 5, the Restaurant 2 class held an appetizer lunch for Oswego High School staff. Students had the freedom to come up with a dish of their choice. Mr. Thomas Dwyer, who teaches the class, invited teachers and administrators joined together to sample the student’s dishes as well as discuss the culinary choices each student made.

The lab is one in which students enrolled in Restaurant 2 participate in annually. The lab allows those in the class to explore the world of food with very few parameters, unlike labs the students took in the prerequisite classes.

Teachers and administrators who had either a plan period or lunch period during the second half of period 5 were invited down to explore the dishes the class had to offer. 

“It’s the first opportunity for students to express themselves through food,” Mr. Dwyer said. “It had to be cold and it had to be bite-size. It’s a grazing menu.” 

The students were excited to share their creations with the staff. 

“Dwyer had us do this open-ended so we got to do whatever we wanted,” senior Jadyn Noel said. “I did [get to be creative].”

Student Jadyn Noel serves up a plate for a three faculty members waiting in line.
Senior Jadyn Noel serving her dishes to members of the OHS faculty. Credit: John Kean, 42Fifty.

The staff members were just as enthusiastic about the range of foods they got to try. 

“It’s really nice to see them coming through the different levels of culinary,” family and consumer science teacher Ms. Nancy Wyatt said. 

There was a wide range of foods available to try as well. Everything from vegan options to gluten-free. 

A plate of brightly colored horderves is passed from a student to a teacher.
The food on display had eye popping color as well as a wide range of variety. Credit: John Kean, 42Fifty.

“From what I’ve seen so far, it’s been pretty out of the box, we’ve got a lot of colors,” Mr. Dwyer said about the food spread. “All the tables pop, they have color behind them and they all have different contents.”

Noel’s dish contributed to the pop of color Mr. Dwyer was looking for. 

“[I made] flour tortillas, which are kind of like nachos. It has sour cream, lettuce, and olives on top,” Noel said. “I also have a Solo cup with cream cheese and cranberry sauce.” 

The whole lab was an opportunity for students to be themselves but by way of food. 

“It expresses their personality,” Ms. Wyatt said about each student’s dish. “I could see that coming out. You could even see their backgrounds or their cultures… Maybe what they’re familiar with at home.” 

The creativity and dedication put into all the projects were evident, and Mr. Dwyer was very happy with the result. 

“They got to make what they like,” Mr. Dwyer said. “When you get to make what you like you give it more enthusiasm. It’s looking really good.” 

For more photos from the event, see Sports Editor John Kean’s slideshow below:

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