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OHS Acapella Choir selected for ‘Music For All’ Festival

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Lizzy Sorensen, 42Fifty

The Oswego High School Acapella Choir was selected to perform at the national festival “Music For All” in Indianapolis from March 12 through March 14, 2020.  As the only accepted choir from the state of Illinois, this recognition brings attention to more than just the performances, but the foundations of the program as well.

For choir students, the program serves as a safe place that is free of judgement. 

“Singing with others can be a vulnerable thing, so we feel comfortable growing and learning together,” junior Josie Diaz said. 

Diaz continued to highlight the importance of being involved within the choir programs, such as “Stay Tuned” and “Commotion.”

“The more time you spend here, the more you learn to appreciate it,” Diaz said. 

For veterans within the program, choir has impacted more than just their time in school. 

“There are some really amazing people doing really amazing things, and I’m so grateful that through choir, I’ve become close with many of those people,” senior Mark Melton, choir member of four years, said. 

In addition, the choir program teaches life lessons clearly recognized by the students involved.

“The OVMD isn’t just making us better singers: it makes us better musicians, better students, better people,” Melton said. 

The “Music For All” selection is based on a recording submitted by the Acapella choir last year that was judged against choirs across the country.  For many, this invitation to perform marks a reward for years of perseverance and effort. 

“It’s really gratifying to see the hard work everyone is putting in be recognized,” Melton said. 

“Music For All” will provide more than just performance experience, but bonding for an already tight-knit group. 

“I think this experience will bring us closer, give us a new perspective, and motivate us,” Diaz said.

The acapella choir will bring this determination and passion into its work for the rest of the school year.  For seniors, this year holds a bittersweet goodbye as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.

“It’s a family I’m definitely going to miss next year,” Melton said. 

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