Home Opinion Point/Counterpoint(/Midpoint): Is ho-co a no-go?

Point/Counterpoint(/Midpoint): Is ho-co a no-go?

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Owen Meldon, 42Fifty

The homecoming dance is a high school staple that brings every student together with the power of partying, and the excitement of music! However, these three writer’s differing opinions on the dance are only tearing them apart.

Charlie Recchia, Editor-in-Chief: NO-GO

For the past three years of my high school life, I have been pressured into going to homecoming, whether it be by friends or family. Every time I decided to let the influence get the best of me, I ended up having the worst time… for three years in a row…

Now, I’m not trying to give anybody the idea that homecoming is objectively bad, I know many people who love it and have a great time. I honestly believe it’s awesome that people can find so much enjoyment in something that I can’t. However, this still doesn’t calm my ABSOLUTE HATRED for homecoming.

I cannot stress enough how the price of the tickets to actually attend the dance are absurdly high. For $25 a ticket, I would expect there to be more activities to do at the dance or even just some more food or drinks provided. With nothing to do at the dance besides the selfie station or standing in the sticky gym dancing, I would always leave homecoming starving to death and craving some other forms of amusement.

For cheaper, I could have gone out and seen a really great movie at Kendall 11, or even just hang out with my friends at my house FOR FREE! Why would I pay $25 to be miserable and hungry when I can just be doing something else that makes me happy for little to nothing.

On the topic of food and drinks, it amazes me how at every dance I have attended, there have been none provided. I know the norm is to eat before and after the dance, but trust me, teenagers especially are gonna want to eat or drink something after long dance sessions. The food or drinks don’t need to be super fancy or large, they just need to be available (for a cost of course) for all students when they crave a nice refreshing snack.

I may be criticizing the food and drink aspects of the dance, however, the school does a good job of providing the students with water bottles if they ever get thirsty. Although this is an improvement over the horrible state the dance is already in, students still have to pay a small yet insulting fee for just water.

Considering the students paid a large fee to actually get in a dance with little substance, at least give them the privilege of free water bottles. Of course, a water fountain is an option, but nobody wants to drink water that’s full of bacteria and tastes like pennies. THE LEAST STUDENTS DESERVE IS FREE CLEAN WATER!

In retrospect, I get the idea of the homecoming dance and why so many people love it. It is a great way to get away from all of your school troubles and it’s a great way to make new friends! However, not one thing can appeal to everyone, and I guess I am in the minority on this opinion against homecoming.

If you are strongly against going to homecoming and friends or family are pressuring you into going, they will start using excuses like “high school doesn’t last forever” and “it will be a great time.” DON’T LET THESE TRICKS FOOL YOU! If you have a gut feeling that you will not have a good time, then you more than likely won’t. If only I knew that advice three years ago…

Brett Fetro, Staff Writer: MAYBE GO?

When I first entered high school, I was always flooded with nonstop comments from family and friends on how I need to do as many ‘high school-related things’ as I could. They told me I would remember these memories for the rest of my life. One of the biggest things they always emphasized is how I absolutely had to go to homecoming, and how it was one of the most significant events that happened throughout the school year and high school in general. Despite all the hype, I decided freshman and sophomore year that I did not want to go. At the time, I wasn’t close enough to anyone to the point where I felt like going with ‘friends.’ I feel like having the right friend group can really determine if you have a good time or not. 

Over the two years of not attending the dance, I heard a wide variety of opinions on the dance. While many people loved homecoming, many others felt differently and always hated going to the dance. And to be completely honest, I felt the same way even though I had never actually been. I love to participate in all the hype leading up to homecoming like the spirit week, parade, football game, pep rally, etc., but the dance never actually interested me. From the mix of negative reviews from other peers to seeing tons of snapchat stories that made it look unenjoyable, I created a negative opinion without even attending, which is kind of unfair. In any scenario in life, you should never create an opinion on something if you haven’t actually tried it. Going into junior year, I can definitely say that I am a completely different person than the previous two years. I feel like I have revamped my mindset on homecoming, as I feel I should finally give it a positive outlook. I definitely have made closer friends, so now I can actually have people to go with. I have decided that I will actually give it a try. It’s going to be really exciting to find out what my true opinion is this coming Saturday.

Ryan Burdo, Staff Writer: FOR SURE GO

High school is a stressful series of years for its students, but there are many experiences that make it unique. Homecoming is one of many experiences that fulfill the full high school experience. Homecoming is a large event for students of all levels to socialize and have fun in the same environment they learn in. At homecoming, there is a lot of music and people and some people see this as a problem. However, I feel this is a great opportunity to meet new people that share similar interests. Homecoming is a place where you can dance and have fun with your friends, classmates, and maybe your date. Anyone can go to homecoming in their own unique way, with friends, with a date, or maybe with both. Homecoming is a large social event for all students to connect with other classes through music or style. Homecoming is a great event for students to attend and I recommend going. At past homecoming dances I’ve attended at OHS, the music is usually pretty relevant, and there are always some songs that really get everyone on their feet to sing or dance along. Last year’s homecoming was fun with friends. 

Taking pictures started my night right before coming to the school. The decorations are really cool because you know the other students designed them, and the students last year created a fun environment. 

Homecoming with friends is also a great way to go! Having fun with my friends last year created a memorable moment from my high school experience. After the dance itself, the homecoming experience still rocks on! Going out with my friends to extend the great experience at the dance ended my night right. Overall, I think homecoming is an event that all students should attend during their years at Oswego High School due to how fun and memorable it is.

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