This list is made up of all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe released so far, ranking them from worst to best. This is all opinion-based, so there is no need to get all upset. At the end of the day, everyone will have different views. All movies on this list are still watchable, even with their flaws, which just shows the MCU’s ability to produce, at a minimum, decent content.  

No. 22 “Thor: The Dark World”

This movie is named after Thor, but Loki is easily the best character in this movie. This is also a very poor paced, dull, and only slightly humorous movie.

No. 21 “Incredible Hulk”

I did not know it was possible to make a boring movie about one of the most interesting characters in the MCU. Somehow, director Louis Leterrier did it with ease, making one of the most BLAND movies in the MCU. The final battle isn’t too bad, if you can get past the bad CGI.

No. 20 “Thor”

Thor pre-phase three was one of the worst characters in the MCU, and this movie is a good example of that very problem. This is a very boring movie which seems to jump around and have little structure.

No. 19 “Iron Man 2”

This movie had the worst villain in the MCU, and overall, it was just a huge step down from the last Iron Man movie. The CGI gets worse, and so does the story! Huge let down for sure!

No. 18 “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

This movie was bad! From Ultron having lips (a strange creative choice), and the story moving way to fast for its own good – it just seems like a movie that was made to set up other films.

No. 17 “Iron Man 3”

Fight scenes are what made this movie better than Iron Man 2. The whole twist with the villain of the movie, “The Mandarin,” was a very interesting choice for the film. Not a bad movie, but not a great one either.

No. 16 “Captain America: The First Avenger”

A very generic and basic superhero movie. The best thing about this movie is Chris Evans playing the part nearly perfectly, as he was really the only enjoyable part of this movie. Although, it is still very bland with nothing new to see.

No. 15 “Ant-Man”  

I personally really did enjoy this movie. It really gives a good origin story for Scott Lang as a character. Paul Rudd played the part perfectly, adding some needed humor to this pretty good movie.

No. 14 “Captain Marvel”

This movie doesn’t really fit the phase three MCU, because of the lack of humor. When the funnies did come in, it was mostly from Samuel L. Jackson’s character. Although, I do like Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, but I feel like she wasn’t given a good script.

No. 13 “Ant-Man and The Wasp”

One of the only MCU movies where the sequel is actually better than the first. The humor, great explanations about everything, and the great pacing makes this movie something a hero like Ant-Man deserved. Overall, this was a great superhero movie that seems to fit in pretty well with phase three.

No. 12 “Dr. Strange”

This movie was a huge risk for Marvel to take, and they executed it pretty well. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dr. Strange very well and brought a nice amount to humor to the movie that seemed to always keep me interested.

No. 11 “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”

This movie was very entertaining, but not quite as good as the first. There is only a few moments in all of the MCU where I really felt upset,  and when Yondu died, I really felt sadness overtake me. I had a very fun time watching this in general.

No. 10 “Captain America: Civil War”

Good movie with one of the best fight scenes in all of the MCU. One major problem I had with the film was Iron Man getting upset about Bucky killing his parent when he knew Bucky was under control. Besides that, the movie was fantastic.

No. 9 “Black Panther”

If we are talking about the impact and deeper meaning of MCU movies, then Black Panther is top three easily. Just judging as a superhero movie, it’s not bad – but it has its issues.  The CGI overall, but especially in the last fight scene, made it very hard to focus. Again, still a very good superhero movie that was very enjoyable to watch. Also, it easily has one of the best villains with Erik Killmonger.

No. 8 “Iron Man”

The movie that started it all still holds its own in today’s world. Although the CGI is bad (which it should be, since its from 2008), it’s not to the point of distracting. The movie was very well done and Robert Downey Jr. played Iron Man perfectly.

No. 7 “The Avengers”

The story of all the Avengers coming together and feuding all the time is what I believe made this film as enjoyable as it was. The final battle in New York was also very well done and action packed. The movie was paced well and easy to follow, while also being a huge staple as a classic of the MCU.

No. 6 “Captain America: Winter Soldier”

The action scenes in this movie were some of the best in the MCU hands down. The film was shot well, seemed a little slow at times, but always picked right back up. The plot twists in this movie were also very interesting, and the movie seemed to have you hooked at all times.

No. 5 “Guardians of the Galaxy”

The soundtrack is amazing, humor is amazing, story is amazing – and overall, the movie was just simply AMAZING. James Gunn, Chris Pratt, and basically the whole cast did a spectacular  job, and it shows with one of the best films in the MCU. I could watch this movie on repeat all day and never get bored.

No. 4 “Spiderman: Homecoming”

As a high school student, if I’m able to relate to a movie, it’s that much better. Not only that, but the movie was just simply the best spiderman film ever made. In a whole, this was one of the most entertaining and fun to watch movies in the MCU. Tom Holland played the part almost perfectly as Peter Parker.

No. 3 “Thor: Ragnarok”

This movie is hilarious in every way possible. This is probably not only the funniest film in the MCU, but it has some of the best fight scenes. This movie made Thor likable and is miles ahead of the other solo Thor movies. Again, this is one I could watch on repeat all day and never get bored.

No. 2 “Avengers: Endgame”

This movie was breathtaking! The final fight between everybody and Thanos is easily the best fight scene in all of the MCU, and I don’t think anything can beat it. Some things holding the movie back is what seems to be misplaced humor. While most jokes hit, it seemed at times the movie would make jokes that didn’t seem relevant at all. I personally didn’t think the film was slow paced.

No. 1 “Avengers: Infinity War”

This movie was basically one big fight scene. This movie never left me bored, and seemed to land all jokes when they made one. This movie was near perfect and basically was a giant origin story for Thanos, which I loved. This was Thanos’ film for sure, and his character was the best part of the whole film. The movie was beautiful, entertaining, funny, and sad at all the right times. That is why it is the best MCU film

A lot of the MCU films are some of my favorite movies of all time. I really love the story each one tells with the awesome humor and fight scenes. Hopefully, the MCU can continue to make these great movies so one day, my kids can watch the excellence they seem to produce with every movie.

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