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OHS and junior high choirs to come together in upcoming Big Cat concert

OHS Choir Room
OHS Choir Room: Choir director Mr. Frank Tieri plans to have the Women’s Choir and seventh grade girls rehearse in the choir room throughout the day of the show, Jan. 15.

The annual Big Cat concert, a show where middle schoolers from both Traughber and Thompson are invited to perform with Oswego High School’s own choir students, will take place in the OHS auditorium Jan. 17. The featured seventh and eighth graders are given the high school choir experience through the event and training.

All auditioned-for choirs of OHS will be part of the lineup, including A Capella, Women’s Choir and Ambiance. Other extracurricular groups, such as Commotion and Stay Tuned, will also be featured.

To the middle schoolers, the show can act as an advertisement of the Oswego Vocal Music Department, encouraging them on continuing their path in the musical world.

“It’s where junior high kids get to know how high school choir works,” freshman and member of A Capella Ethan Ong said.

As the performance date gets closer, the students’ excitement builds to perform and reunite with their younger junior high friends.

Students in participating choirs are excused for the day of the show, using the time to practice for the performance. The rehearsal is non-stop, and one may catch a glimpse of A Capella in the auditorium, or Women’s Choir in Choir Director Mr. Frank Tieri’s room.

The choirs prepare for their show just before break, getting a hold of their music to practice.  

“All the days leading up to Big Cat, we’re just working on the music, preparing to sing along with the junior high kids,” Ong said. “We can help teach them ways to sing.”

The show contains songs that are both popular or strictly choral.

“Commotion, I think, is doing ‘Higher Ground’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” senior Ryan Sendef teased, also part of the A Capella choir. “But I don’t know if that’s for sure or not.”

Anyone can attend the free show this Thursday, with the performance beginning at 7 p.m.  This choir concert is the first of 2019. While there are only about two more concerts left of the school year, the passion for music runs strong throughout the department’s students.

“I like to make music, and it feels really good to do that,” Ong said.

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