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The Monsters of the Midway are back


Over the past couple of years, the “Monsters of the Midway” (aka the Bears) reputation has been riddled with poor quarterback play. It all started with quarterback Jay Cutler throwing more interceptions than touchdowns, causing fans to believe that all Bears quarterbacks are trash. Like Cutler, Mitchell Trubisky threw too many interceptions, and the Bears’ defense was unable stop anyone. This has all changed though. The Bears are back, and they’re better than ever.  

Trubisky had only 13 starts during his time at the University of North Carolina, but the Bears saw something in him that made him their second overall pick in the draft. Going into his second year, every fan has been trash talking him, claiming he isn’t as good as Jared Goff or Patrick Mahomes. Joke’s on them – he is ultimately going to become one of the best quarterbacks in the league in a couple years. Sure, it’s only his second year in the league, and his first year under new head coach Matt Nagy’s offense. But look at what he is doing – he is putting on a show and it’s about time for people to start to taking notice.

Even though they still may think he’s trash, even die-hard fans have to put their trust in Trubisky. When Trubisky was drafted, not many people were happy because the Bears spent a lot of money on sell-out quarterback Mike Glennon, who only started eight games before Trubisky took over last season. Trubisky is currently trailing Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in rushing yards with his offensive line saving him from racking up sacks. Trubisky even broke the Bears rookie record for rushing his first year with 248 rushing yards. As he continues to play, he is only going to get better and better.

Besides an  all-star quarterback, this year, the Bears also brought in new head coach Matt Nagy. Nagy worked as a offensive coordinator under Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid for six years. Nagy is clearly an offensive-minded coach, so he has a lot of ideas in store for Trubisky. Not to mention, he is already a God at trick plays. This season alone, we have already seen so many trick plays such as the “Chicago Special” where Trubisky snaps the ball, completes a hand-off to another player, and that person laterals to someone else who then throws a touchdown pass, using different players like Tarik Cohen, Taylor Gabriel, Trey Burton and Allen Robinson to complete the play.

When Nagy first worked for the Chiefs, he talked to Trubisky about potentially being one his first picks for the draft. He really liked him, but obviously, the Bears picked up Trubisky as their second pick of the draft and the Chiefs ended up drafting quarterback Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech instead.

The transformation of the Bears defense started with the resigning of Kyle Fuller. Chicago promptly picked up Aaron Lynch from the 49ers and drafted Roquan Smith. In the middle of the preseason, the Bears traded a first round pick for all-star three time pro-bowler, Khalil Mack. Mack brings a certain intensity to the defense. He makes everybody on the field a better player. Since Mack’s arrival, the Bears defense has only allowed one rushing touchdown and since that game, the Bears have only allowed two more rushing touchdowns this season.

There are only three games left of the season and at this point, it’s hard to say who is capable of doing a lot of damage to the defense. The Bears defense currently has the most points off of turnovers at 121 and the most interceptions in the league.

General manager Ryan Pace is also contributing to all the success by making some real good moves this season. One of the best decisions he has made is drafting linebacker Eddie Jackson. The Bears drafted him last year in the fourth round, and the only reason nobody took a chance on him at first was because he broke his leg playing for the University of Alabama, but Pace saw something in him that clearly no one else did. Pace’s trust in Jackson has worked out pretty well for the Bears so far, as he has already scored five touchdowns since 2017, leading all defensive players in the league in touchdowns.

The Chicago Bears are the best they have been in a long time and it’s time for everybody to start noticing. Everybody thinks that they are only doing well because they have gone up against “easy” teams. Actually, the teams that they have faced off against so far were actually pretty decent teams, such as their 15-6 win against the Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 9, who currently have the best record in the league. This year, the Chicago Bears are going to change everyone’s mind and let them know that they are back for good.

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