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Gallery: Meme Day 2018


Oswego High School students participated in the first-ever Meme Day for Homecoming Week last Tuesday. Student Council put the spirit week dress-up days to a vote on social media, with Meme Day ending up at the top. Check out the photos below!

1An Avocado! Thanks…

Freshman Reagan Sanders wears a “An Avocado! Thanks…” shirt, referencing a Vine of a little boy getting an avocado for Christmas.

2I can’t believe you had the audacity… 

Freshman Victoria Trevino dresses up as Tyler the Creator’s character from a parody of an episode of “The Real Housewives.”

3Road work ahead? I sure hope it does!

PICTURE 28: Freshman Delaney Matson references to the “Road Work Ahead? I Sure Hope It Does” Vine by Drew Gooden.

4I don’t get no sleep!

PICTURE 27: A pan is held by freshman Nwadum Tendong, dressed as the Vine “I Don’t Get No Sleep Cause Of Y’all.”

5Taaaaake ooooooon meeeeeeeeeeee

PICTURE 24: Senior Syd Berenyi dances to A-Ha’s “Take On Me” as viner Contrachloe in her most famous work.

6David Dobrik

David Dobrik is known for his stereotypical YouTube videos, which senior Alex Garland decided to depict.

7McKayla Maroney

Ms. Sarah Carlson dresses as McKayla Maroney in this meme throwback.

8Chemistry Cat

Science teachers, including Mr. Trevor Huser, Ms. Jamie Piper and Ms. Milica Leone, matched as the 2012 meme-era classic Chemistry Cat.

9Let me put my face on

Junior Julia Andersen came as the Vine of the little girl with excessive makeup.

10Internet Celebrities

Juniors Madi Etheridge and Lucas Ingram were country stars Mason Ramsey and Salt Bae, respectively.

11You had to do it to ’em

Junior Steven Udy snaps into the “You Know I Had To Do It To Em” pose, after a funny tweet.

12JoJo Siwa

Junior Allie Ruggerio poses as JoJo Siwa, known on the internet for her annoying pattern of speech.

13Me… and also me

Freshman Giselle Hernandez and Sophomore Cole Granahan partner up as Kermit and his dark inner voice.

14Flashback Mary

Junior Sophie Wienceck dresses as Flashback Mary, a picture of the makeup guru James Charles in a meet-and-greet with too-light foundation.

15Welcome to Flavor Town!

Sophomores Autumn Bartle and Ava Benstine twinned as Guy Fieri.

16He was a moth, she was a lamp, can I make it any more obvious? 

Freshman Jaime Rasmussen dresses as a moth, of course holding an accompanying lamp picture.

17Senior Spirit

Seniors Ava Weyrich, Noah Beck, Jaiden Speer and Maddie Dossett took their own take on Spirit Week, starting off with a Gender Bender day.


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