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iRateRed- “Au Revoir” A Reflection of High School

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Four years in Oswego High School has flown by for me as it does for a criminal serving a life-sentence at a maximum security prison.

I will never forget the most valuable information taught to me: that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and that the pythagorean theorem is A2+B2= C2. I feel totally prepared to use this information to budget my income, buy a car, and make payments on my student loans because of my supreme education taught to me at this school.

I praise our Deans for keeping our halls safe by making sure no one went to the bathroom without the pass- no matter if the bathroom was 20 feet from the classroom.

And how could I leave without thanking the hallway-hoggers for walking at the slowest pace possible as they took up the widest space they could while I was trying to get from the choir room to the back of the freshmen wing in under six minutes.

An honorable mention to the nameless villain that took a dump on the floor of the bathroom stall. The redundant “If you poo in the loo, don’t rush, please flush.” signs reminded the students of OHS what common sense is, and I thank you for that.

I leave this school with the legacy of being the grumpy redhead with intimidating shoulders. I hope my memory of my sweatpants and foul humor haunts this school long after I’m gone.

I do also leave behind two siblings though. Don’t think graduating will stop me from coming back to defend both of my sister’s honor. I am told my resting-scowl-face alone could make one evaporate on impact, just keep that in mind.

Peace out girl scout, I’ve served my sentence and look forward for my last summer of freedom before being chained to debt and adult responsibilities.

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