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Staff Spotlight: Mr. Keener

Mr. Shon Keener and Family

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Keener

By: Jake Salzbrunn 42Fifty Staff Writer

Mr. Keener is a Science teacher here at OHS. He practically runs the Forensics program, and has grown the class since 2008-2009 when it was first was introduced. Keener did not start as teacher but started in sales.

“I also helped build golf courses in Hudson WI.”  Keener stated as something students don’t know about me.  

After three years of sales and helping build golf courses he went back to school to get his Masters Degree from University of St. Francis in Joliet.

I asked “My main reason for teaching came from my childhood.  My mother was a teacher and I really enjoyed being at the school and helping out.   It was always a positive place for me which carried on to my adulthood.”

Once getting his Masters in Education, he started substitute teaching at nearby schools till 2002 when he started teaching here at OHS and has been here ever since.

“My favorite part of teaching at Oswego High school is the family atmosphere and support that is provided.”  

This is his 15 year teaching but this year is his second year of not coaching a sport. Keener has coached football and baseball here at OHS, but stopped to spend more time with his family. With teaching and coaching, it took a lot of time away from his family and kids. He still coaches but its for his son’s travel team now.

Something that students don’t know about Keener he played baseball at Augustana College.

“I was All-Conference my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year at third base.”

When I asked Keener about the Forensics program and when it started he stated,

“In 2008-2009 I was approached by my department head and was asked along with all the science teachers if we would be interested in teaching forensic science as an elective. I was very interested an discussed this with her. The summer before the class started myself and an Oswego East teacher created a brand new curriculum for the class. My first class had 26 students and it was my only class. In 3 years we had a total of 5 forensics classes and it has continued to grow and be popular. I really enjoy teaching this subject due to its interesting subjects and the curiosity of the students who take it.”

Mr. Keener is one of the most popular teacher at OHS and his classes are always fun and he knows how to relate to students.

Jake Salzbrunn covers Oswego High School sports. He can be reached at 12000240@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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