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Panther Job Board at Oswego High School

Panther Job Board Installed on First Floor

By Riah Trevino, 42Fifty Staff Writer

A new “Job Board” has been installed recently near door 38, for students seeking employment.

The bulletin board that used to be there was blank, but now it serves a purpose to people around the school.

It is decorated with posters from local businesses and applications. The first advertisements on this board include Oberweis, Raging Waves, and Kendall 11.

High schoolers have already been seeing the benefits to this new addition to OHS. “It can show students more opportunities for what they can apply for and what their options are,” said Sophomore Julia Andersen, “It builds independence and responsibility.”

Sophomore Jeremy Davis said, “It’s important to learn the basics of working at a young age.”

When students turn sixteen, the prime time begins to look for a job. People seek money to get their own life started and to take part in life’s milestones.

“It’s important to learn the basics of working at a young age,” Davis added.

Riah Trevino covers issues in public service announcements and Oswego High School community events. She can be reached at 61001185@students.sd308.org, or contact the publication  directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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