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Advancements in Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) does look like its still a technology in development, and it is, however, believe it or not, artificial intelligence is in the services that you likely use on a day to day basis. Large, heavily-used services like Facebook, Google, and Siri all use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve how their services function. For example, Apple used machine learning to create a natural sounding Siri voice that learned off human speech patterns. The Google Assistant uses AI to know what person is speaking to it. So if Molly says “Call Mom” it will call Molly’s mom and not Molly’s dads mom. IBM Watson has mostly gotten attention for beating the worlds best players at the TV game show “JEOPARDY” without any connection to the internet. In fact, this article was even proofread with AI.

A company that has recently gotten attention from the tech world is NVIDIA. The enterprise is well known for making powerful GPUs targeted towards professional gamers. NVIDIA, along with a growing number of other companies have started to invest/work on AI. NVIDIA’s AI researchers have apparently been hard at work on their AI projects. The pictures shown below shows their progress in generating images with an altered image.

Both images on the left are images given as input. The AI program then processes the image after learning how to make the environment of the image either look sunny or rainy. Researchers at NVIDIA used Dynamic Neural Networks (DNN) and its gave millions of images to its AI program to help it learn about what “sunny” and “rainy” actually means. The accuracy and detail of the AI-generated images is astonishing.  Impressive progress in terms AI and technology in general.

However, this does raise some concerns. People think the bad part of AI may be robots taking over the world but its not. The real issue is trusting what you see on the internet. Experts say this type of technology is normally used to create all sorts of fake imagery on stuff ranging from fake celebrities to horrifying autofill images.

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