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Thor: Ragnorak a Review


The newest Marvel movie that just came out is Thor:Ragnarok. It is about Thor having to save his home planet from fulfilling a prophecy of chaos. As he is trying to do this a mysterious woman, Hela, is trying to create the chaos and eventually makes Thor go to a place that mimics gladiator times.

The movie is filled with action but still has a fantastic comedic edge to it. It also deals with feelings of loss and betrayal, making it a slightly emotional movie. It explores certain familial relationships that are relatable in a way. Overall it really keeps the viewers captivated and interested.  

What’s really cool about this movie is how superhero lovers and those who don’t necessarily follow that fan base can enjoy this wholeheartedly. For those who are rather familiar with marvel, they can find many easter eggs and references.

The only slight problem I can think for the entire movie is the special effects aren’t perfect, but they aren’t so bad that it draws attention away from the movie. And what can you ask for in a movie that requires so much effort and money to make.

Overall I give the movie five stars.

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