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Sakamoto Restaurant Review


Sakamoto is known as a delicious Japanese restaurant that offers anything from Japanese hibachi style food to sushi.  They are mostly known for their modern interpretation of classic dishes and they’re insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.

My first impressions were very pleasant due to the fact that it was a very sophisticated environment and a very nice staff.  Our waitress was very attentive to us and always made sure our beverages were not empty.  She also asked us if we needed anything else such as sauces.  

That night we tried the Smoky Samurai (a salmon dish with crab and other exotic ingredients) with a side of fried rice with vegetable mixed in.

I feel as if the food is very appropriate for its price and it was definitely more than enough to feed two people given the fact that we left with leftovers.  

Some of my first impressions were the display and restaurant and the location of the restaurant. The location of the restaurant wasn’t very good because it was kind of in a secluded area and it’s not a very big place so I feel as if they need to display their restaurant in a proper manner and advertise it more.

I believe this would be a great place to bring family and friends.

Overall it was a very good store to try and I will one hundred percent go back for more sometime soon!

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