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Should females have to pay for feminine hygiene products?

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One day I didn’t wake up and ask Mother Nature, “oh hey, for the majority of my life, can I change the color of half my underwear, and pay for overly expensive cotton swabs and cotton stickers to get me through the day?” so why do I have to pay both literally and figuratively? 

In 2016 Nancy Kramer, made a campaign called Free The Tampons; this campaign points out how these toiletries cost women in the state of New York 14 million dollars each year! This program also provides, awareness to other women who sadly can not afford a necessity and it allows to put out free tampons and pads in public restrooms.

If men got their periods, we would not be having the conversation,” she said.  According to Kramer’s research, it would cost about $4.67 per female student or employee to provide free sanitary products annually. “In other words, for less than a fancy cup of coffee, you can supply a woman with feminine hygiene products for a year,” she said.

Some have their menstrual cycle every two weeks, some every other day. This is worldwide natural issue causes women around the world to drop out of school or stop attending during their periods because they can’t afford the expense of their products.

Women should stand together and fight to make this necessity free across the globe. 



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