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Veterans Day Assembly


Veterans Day is the day we honor the people who fought for our country. The men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could do things like reading this article. There really isn’t much we can do to truly thank them, however, this Veterans Day Oswego High School got a visit from a few veterans such as David Kiest and Quinn Triplett. These men fought for us and here is a brief summary of their story.

David is a little bit of a superstar, being able to travel the world and participate in multiple parts of the Army; he is an example of an American hero.

He told students about how is high school years consisted mostly of a rebellious spirit. And after being in the military for many years he learned that most of his rebellious friends ended up in prison.

After time in the military he spent time as an oswego police officer. After a few years he went back to the military, and that is where he remains today, so thank you for your service, David Kiest.

Quinn had a similar story, however, he was mostly a medic while serving.
When he got out of the military he joined the fire department. He now works as a paramedic/firemen.

I think sometimes we forget the local heroes such as firemen and police officers that save lives all around us. We also thank you for your service Quinn Triplett.

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