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Old School Review: Fire Emblem Blazing Blade


Due to the massive influx of cover based shooters being released, it becomes boring constantly seeing the same dull mechanics over and over again. So, I turned to see what older games I could get, so I attempted to do another play-through of Fire Emblem Blazing Blade.

If you don’t know what Fire Emblem is, that guy from Smash Bros with the sword is a Fire Emblem character. The Fire Emblem series is a bunch of tactical RPGs in which you direct a small force of characters, each with their own unique personalities and roles within the army, such as clerics being healers or Knights being slow but bulky combat units.

(screen-capture of game-play)

The game’s maps take place in large areas created by many tiles, which are used to figure out how many spaces a unit can move, or a unit’s range of attack.

 (screen-capture of game-play)

Fire Emblem’s combat is heavily based upon chance, such as chance to hit the enemy, chance for the enemy to hit your unit, or chance to inflict a critical hit for three times the amount of damage. This chance based mechanic is also affected by another mechanic that makes the game feel more strategic, the weapon triangle. The weapon triangle gives an advantage to if a unit is using a weapon that is effective against another weapon, this allows the player to plan around the enemies.

(screen-capture of game-play)

Fire Emblem also has a wide cast of characters, each with their own personalities and uses, which makes it even more crushing when you get some of them killed. This game has a Permadeath mechanic, so if you lose a unit they’re gone for good. This makes the player actually value their units, and not just sacrifice them every level.

(screen-capture of game-play)

Fire Emblem provides many mechanics that work well together, and allows for a great experience, I recommend at least trying this game out, as it can be lots of fun.  

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