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Cuphead, or Cup Souls?


A new game released called Cuphead, and it is a game that requires a lot of attention and focus if you wish to succeed and progress further in the game.

Cuphead is about two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, who go to a casino and win a lot of money but then the Devil offers them one last huge sum of money if they win but if they don’t win then they owe the Devil their souls. When the brothers lose they offer the Devil anything else so the Devil tells the brothers about how he has contracts he needs done and so the brothers set off on their adventure from there.

One of the things the game is praised for is for how fun and intense it is, but it is also punished for it and there have been a variety of memes going around the gaming world joking about how Cuphead is as hard, or harder than, any of the games in the souls series.

Cuphead was developed by StudioMDHR and it was their first game ever released so they took a small shot in the dark when they released the game. When Cuphead was first shown off at E3 of 2014 it received a lot of praise and even won best xbox one game shown from IGN.

The game Cuphead is a very beautiful game that the animators took a very long time just to make sure that the animation was smooth and flowed perfectly and everything in the game was also hand drawn. Cuphead has received almost perfect scores from every gaming website out there.

The controls in the game are very responsive and feels fair when you’re playing, which is necessary for a game such as Cuphead due to the amount of focus you need and how you need to perfect the jumps and shots to make.

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