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OHS Boys Golf Conference


On Sep. 27 the Oswego High School Boys Golf Team had their conference match at Wedgewood golf course to end out the 2017 golf season.

Ryan Prusak, Matt Ogilvie, Andrew Aagesen, Zac Krisch, Patrick Hranka, Joey Kahoun, Ryan Kertesz, and Ben Dobberstein participated in the tournament.

The day had a promising start and had a pretty good finish over all. Prusak shot an 82, Ogilvie with a 83, Aagesen  85, Dobberstein 86, Krisch 86, Kahoun 86, Hranka 86, and Kertesz 93. With the scores giving us fifth in the tournament. Plainfield North won the tournament shooting a 321, Minooka took second with 325, and Joilet with a 326 taking third. Even though it was not a good round for OHS they did have 6 kids going to regionals. Ogilvie, Kahoun, Aagesen, Hranka, Prusak, Ben Dobberstein all making it. They will compete at Orchard Valley next week.

The weather on that day was perfect conditions for the tournament. There would have been a slight breeze which would have little to no affect on the ball’s flight. The course was in great condition; clean greens and divites in the fairways were negligible. “I couldn’t have asked for a better day to play conference. The course looked good and the weather was perfect.” said Zach Krisch. Everything was perfect for tournament, OHS just had a off day and everyone else brought their A game. Better luck next year!


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