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2017 Blood Drive


Tomorrow Oswego High School will host the annual blood drive in the main gym. Anyone sixteen or older can participate. But if the student is sixteen, they must have their parent guardian sign a sheet allowing them to donate. Participants of the blood drive are required to sign up for a time slot in lunch before slots ran out.

The school and Heartland encourage students to sign up for the next blood drive even if they didn’t get to donate this time.

Hospitals are always in need of blood, especially with the damage done by the recent natural disasters. From only one donation, three lives can be saved. A count hasn’t been taken to tell how much blood has been donated, but Oswego High School has two to four blood drives a year and has eighty participants each time.

For doing this good deed, participants will get $5 Subway gift card, $10 Colonial Café gift card and a Free voucher for Siegel’s Pumpkin Fest.


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