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Have you ever considered applying yourself more?

A young Victoria Segarra, dressed clad in pink with a side ponytail, kneels in her Father's desk chair in his office (educational administrator), holding a pencil.

The conversation occurred in the car, or maybe at home. Definitely in a classroom— every flavor of education from the colorful kindergarten walls to the chilly atmosphere of the science lab. It happened with social servants, in meetings with administration. At family events, or those “adult parties” a guardian would drag you to, showing you off like they were Michelangelo and you were David. The random stranger your parents would introduce you to, the relative who saw you once when you were a toddler, the teacher who prides themselves on guiding students— even sometimes the wind, when the sky was silent and you were trying to sink into stone because your mind could never leave you alone. 

Podcast: Explaining SD308’s Superintendent Search

Image of the triangle banner outside the Journalism Classroom. Each triangle is labeled a separate letter of OH42FIFTY.com

News Editor Victoria Segarra breaks down the district's search for a new Superintendent: what is the process, what is the timeline, and why we should care.