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More than Mountain Dew and Doritos: The world of ESports at OHS

Members of the OHS ESports team gaming at Northern Illinois University.

ESports are on the rise around the world. There have been talks of including it in the Olympic Games. However, it’s still a relatively new idea. The OHS ESports program has only been running for five years.

Where other towns excel, Oswego falls behind

Downtown Oswego during the Christmas walk December, 2018.

The village of Oswego should do everything it can to ensure that its residents enjoy living there. The people of Oswego should have a reason to stay living there. It needs better public transportation and more entertainment venues.

REVIEW: Skits and Giggles 2: An acting extravaganza

On Thursday, Jan. 6, and Friday, Jan. 7, the Standing O Theatre Company performed its play “Skits and Giggles 2.” Like the first “Skits and Giggles,” the play was made up of seven scenes with six short films mixed in between the scenes, and all actors were freshmen and sophomores.

OHS sports managers: An inside look

Stefan Ninic returns a tennis ball during a tennis practice.

Sports at Oswego High School are a big part of the culture of the school. A majority of students are involved in the sports program one way or another. Teachers become coaches and students become players, but that is not the only way to get involved in the coveted sports programs.

‘Rightfully Hers’ exhibit recognizes progress

A photo of the "Rightfully Hers" pop up exhibit on display in the Social Studies Hallway

The purpose of having this exhibit at OHS is so that students can learn about how women gained the right to vote. They can learn about these influential women who devoted their lives to ensure that women of the future are viewed as equals in government practices. The exhibit also shows how these women took action, which is inspiring for others to get out there and make a positive change.

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