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The “Rightfully Hers” exhibit is an attraction located outside of the social studies department office at Oswego High School. It showcases specific quotes, events, individuals and documents that contributed to womens’ rights to vote, which is included in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

The purpose of having this exhibit at OHS is so that students can learn about how women gained the right to vote. They can learn about these influential women who devoted their lives to ensure that women of the future are viewed as equals in government practices. The exhibit also shows how these women took action, which is inspiring for others to get out there and make a positive change. 

On the different sides of the display, it showcases many different historical pieces such as quotes from influential leaders like Adella Hunt Logan and Zerelda G. Wallace, images of women voters, petitions against universal suffrage, and numerous other historical items. Each of these items are accompanied by captions or other boxes of text that explains what it shows, providing an educational experience.

Side of the exhibit that displays modern struggles still faced by woman in the modern era.
The Rightfully Hers exhibit is displayed outside of the social studies office on the second floor.
Credit: Thomas Jagoda, 42Fifty.

When one looks at this exhibit, one determines how much they get out of it. Voting numbers in the United States are decreasing every year. When looking at the Rightfully Hers Exhibit, one will realize that certain important individuals tried as hard as they could just to be able to participate in the United States election process. People, through this exhibit, could realize that they should take advantage of their right to vote that people in the past worked hard to earn.

Of course, OHS would not be hosting this exhibit without the people who advocated for the piece to be displayed at the school. AP US History and AP Comparative Government and Politics teacher, Scott White, was the main individual that made sure that the exhibit came to OHS.

“I received an email to apply to house this exhibit and there was a limited amount given out, so I knew I had to apply right away,” said White. 

He recognized the importance of having this display at the school. He wanted to have this available for students to look at and learn from. Jennifer Keto, Head of the Social Studies Department at OHS, mentioned that classrooms and the LRC have asked to use it to teach students for specific lessons that they were teaching.

“I also think the library has reached out to see if they can borrow it for a certain program they are running,” said Keto

Many people understand the importance of the exhibit and the value it has in teaching a younger audience the history of the United States of America.

Ms. Keto says she has seen many people stop by the exhibit to view it and absorb the knowledge that it offers.

“I’ve seen a lot of people, especially females, stop by and look at the exhibit and the information it has on it,” Said Keto

The Rightfully Hers Exhibit is being noticed by students at OHS because of its big scale and historic documents it showcases on each of its four sides.

If there is anyone at OHS that has not yet visited the Rightfully Hers Exhibit, it is strongly encouraged by anyone who is aware of it to take a trip to the front of the Social Studies department to see it. Students will be able to take some time away from their daily schedule to educate themselves about an extremely important part of American history. The information on the exhibit still impacts America today, and could persuade individuals or students to start taking advantage of the rights that people before them fought to obtain, especially the right to vote.

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