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Ryker Stevenson - Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

Hello my name is Ryker Stevenson and this is my second year on 42fifty. I am a senior and currently participate in chess club and co-captain for scholastic bowl. I am happy to be back and to serve the publication again as the Arts and Entertainment Section Editor.

Unexpecting flooding due to burst pipe causes class cancellation

Pictured is a portion of flooding from a burst pipe near the science, social studies and math areas. Credit: Abby Miller, OHS student

On Monday, October 30, students were informed as they arrived at OH that a pipe broke on the second floor and had flooded classrooms and parts of the first floor of the building.  As students arrived, administration moved kids towards the gym and fieldhouse. Students were confused as it might have meant that school was effectively canceled.

Lucid dreams: Charley Yang’s awakening 

Get caught up listening to Boywithuke's new album. Credit: Ryker Stevenson, 42Fifty

On Oct. 10,  musical artist Boywithuke released a TikTok slideshow where he left a message for fans, showed us his face, and gave us his name: Charley Yang. Yang is Boywithuke, a fact previously unknown to his fans. 

October game review: Hidden gem leaves players happily horrified

Opening scene of "No One Lives Under the Lighthouse" -Ryker Stevenson, 42Fifty

Since there is no better month for the creepy and the occult, why not take this time to talk about one of my favorite lesser-known horror games? “No One Lives Under the Lighthouse'' is a short thriller/horror game. Players take control of a replacement lighthouse keeper as the first one went missing after mysterious circumstances. As time passes the player starts to notice they might not be alone.

Boywithuke puts on a fantastic show at the House of Blues

Boywithuke performed at the legendary House of Blues in Chicago. Credit: Zach Erickson

On Sept. 22, 2023, I was able to see one of my favorite artists, Boywithuke, live in Chicago at the House of Blues. The concert was simply fantastic.

A Muddling of Education Priorities: The Impact of Politics

AP Psychology textbook

In Florida, politics and law have begun to meddle with the public education system. A new law instated by Governor Ron DeSantis that prohibits talk of sexuality and gender in the classroom has now been cause to try and remove the AP Psychology class from Florida schools. Due to the unit in the class that covers the effect of socialization...