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My name is Raelyn Alvarez, and I am a Senior at OHS. This is my third year doing Digital Journalism, and I am beyond grateful to have been voted Editor-In-Chief for my last year.

OHS’s Turn to have Turnabout

Traditionally, American high schools have two dances a year; homecoming and prom. Students resent the return to school but have homecoming to gawk over. Closer to the end of the year, when kids are restlessly awaiting the start of summer, their silver lining lies within the approach of Prom. Both dances create bubbling excitement most high school students enjoy....

The virtue of change in the American High School system

A graphic with a rusty yellow background, the sentence, "If you're reading this it's time for change." scrawled in black on top.

The high school system, for better or worse, has changed drastically. American high schools try to accommodate high schoolers’ needs, but some areas are supported better than others. 

[[SATIRE]] The most experienced and intellectual Fifty42 reporters harass fans!

*Fifty42 is 42Fifty’s April Fool’s edition and consists entirely of satire. This content is published purely for humor and entertainment – it is entirely fictional and is not meant to be viewed as “real news” or taken seriously in any way. Any references to real people are based almost entirely on fiction. 

Top 5 Sigma Males: Sigma or Stigma? 

Sigma. Males. They have taken over TikTok and have become a personality trait for most awkward high school students. Many psychopathic male fictional characters are being “romanticized” for their wrongdoings or “yassified,” and even quoted as worse terms I won’t get into. (Not to say this has not happened to female characters, too.) But who will be classified as sigma or stigma?