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Jeremy Davis, Entertainment Editor

Are Marvel movies ‘cinema’?

When I first heard Scorcese's comments, I was conflicted. One part of me agreed with him. He is, in fact, the director of some of the greatest American films of all time, so he's more than entitled to his own opinion on the subject of film. I also find a lot of these Marvel films to be quite formulaic.

Double the Smith, double the mediocrity in ‘Gemini Man’

“Gemini Man” is Ang Lee’s return to the action genre after 16 years. He first revolutionized the genre with 2000’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

Phoenix rises in new “Joker”

"Joker" movie poster featuring Joaquin Phoenix as "Joker"

walked out of this film feeling pleasantly surprised. I, along with many people I’m sure, were extremely skeptical about the idea of showing the backstory of The Joker. This is a notorious character, not only for his crimes, but also for never having a defined backstory. Despite this, the film was an unexpectedly deep, grotesque, and haunting study of a man pushed to his breaking point by a cruel and unforgiving society.

Jeremy’s Classic Film Corner: ‘The Searchers’ (1956) Analyzing John Wayne’s best role to date

John Wayne has a complicated legacy, to say the very least. Many consider him to be the single greatest icon of the western genre, while others consider him to be a relic of an outdated belief of masculinity.

Review: ‘Ad Astra’ is out of this world

Brad Pitt

“Ad Astra” is a 2019 sci-fi/drama that follows Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), an astronaut who travels across the solar system in search for his long lost father, whose experiments threaten the state of the universe, written and directed by “The Lost City of Z” director, James Gray. This movie was a complete breath of fresh air for the sci-fi genre. I have not been this blown away by a movie in a while. There was not a single moment in this film that did not grip my attention. One could say all the stars really aligned for this one (pun FULLY intended).

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