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Jeremy Davis, Entertainment Editor

‘Little Women’ and how novels should be adapted

Since the publication of both of its volumes in 1868 and 1869, “Little Women” has seen six plays, three musicals for the stage, a musical for television, two radio plays, six films (including silent films) as well as a made for TV movie, two anime shows, five mini-series, two regular series, and an opera. Despite this, Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of the novel still manages to bring a new and original take to the classic novel, and is without a doubt, one of the greatest adaptations of the novel to date.

Top 7 films of the ’70s

After the destruction of the Hollywood norm back in the 1960s, the 1970s provided a uniquely gritty approach to cinema. There were no more barriers as to what could and could not be talked about anymore, so everything was fair game.

The man, the myth, the Mark: Just who IS the voice of OHS?

If you’ve ever walked around OHS, there’s a chance you’ve seen Mark Melton greet you with a smile. If you’ve ever sat in an OHS class during second period on a Friday morning, you’ve heard Mark Melton share the announcements of the day with unrivaled and undying enthusiasm. If you decide one day that you want to see a play or musical performed at OHS, there’s a good chance you’re going to see Mark Melton standing firmly on center stage. If you decide to go to a choir concert, you’re going to see—and hear—Mark Melton singing his heart out. If you attend a band concert, you are not going to see Mark Melton playing, but you still may see him helping out backstage. In fact, you may see Mark Melton helping with a lot of things around the community.

‘Doctor Sleep’ will put you right to sleep

“Doctor Sleep” is a sequel to 1980's “The Shining,” and it picks up about 40 years later, as an older Danny Torrance tries to protect a young girl from a cult that tries to feed off her psychic power. “Doctor Sleep” can’t really decide whether to be the sequel to Kubrick's or King's "The Shining." This leads to a film that is dull in its best parts, and just plain goofy in its worst parts.

Top 6 films of the ‘60s

Hollywood, much like the rest of America, was rapidly changing in the 1960s. The system of years before came tumbling down, ushering an era more similar to the modern Hollywood we know today. This divide from the old and the nosedive into the new gave us some pretty spectacular films. Here are six of my favorites.

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