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Dylan Jahnke, Editor-in-Chief

I’m Dylan Jahnke, and this is my second year with 42Fifty, which I first joined as a staff member. I am a senior at Oswego High School, and I plan to study mass communications/music management in college. I hope to one day have my own radio talk show or get into artist management. If I’m not writing or editing for 42Fifty, I’m either working at Culver’s, hanging out with friends and family, or doing homework. I am humbled to say I began my 42Fifty career my junior year as a staff writer, then Arts & Entertainment editor first semester of my senior year and now Editor-in-Chief.

Cell phone addiction is a problem at OHS. What can be done?

Students standing in a circle, looking at their cell phones

Cell phone addiction is undeniably a problem all across the country, but the students of OHS have it bad—real bad.

CrankyJahnke, Vol. 2: Not so cranky

Dylan Jahnke's angry bitmoji wearing a graduation cap

Welp, here I am, looking back at my high school career. Today, I woke up bright and early, went to Oswego High School, got my after school Dunkin’ and came home. Nothing too special, right? That’s what I thought—until now. As of today, I only have nine more REAL days of high school. Let that sink in, seniors—nine more days.

SATIRE: OHS Student Council sells Girl Scout Cookies to help save the budget

box of savannah smiles girl scout cookies

You’ve seen them at Walgreens, you’ve seen them at Walmart, and now, you will see them all over Oswego High School! Following the return of students from spring break, the OHS Student Council will be selling Girl Scout Cookies in order to help get SD308 out of its debt hole!

CrankyJahnke, Vol. 1: Cold, colder and coldest

Dylan Jahnke's angry bitmoji face

Do you remember the last time you went outside and said, “Wow, what a beautiful day it is today”? Yeah, me neither. This winter has been a drag, and I’ve had enough of it. Don’t get me wrong, December and the so-called “winter” break we had could be much worse. We had temperatures in the upper 40s and even a...

Roar in the Jungle: Senior vs. Senioritis

Picture of student planner page. Saturday, May 18 (graduation day) is circled.

I sat down with a few Oswego High School seniors and got their input on how they've dealt (or not) with senioritis in their final stretch of high school.