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Jasper Palleson, Opinions Editor

Hello my name is Jasper and this is my second year writing for 42Fifty. I love getting to share my thoughts and opinions with the world through writing for the website. When I am not in school I like to sew and cosplay, attend concerts and anime conventions, and spend time with my friends!

Top 5 animated works from 2021

a collage of various animated characters against a blue background

Animation can tell stories without the boundaries of our reality, without human restrictions, and can use various elements of art to further develop characters and plotlines. Animation has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years; show writers and filmmakers have been using this format to tell deep and heavy stories, important morals, and life lessons to those of all ages. Animation is quickly written off as something just for children simply because of the cartoony style; however, animation is for everyone to enjoy. If you are wondering where to start your exploration into animation, here are my picks of the greatest works of animation to come out this year.

Mental health matters, and so do you

Getting back into a routine, staying atop work, and balancing school along with everything else in life can truly stress one out! The start of the school year brings with it all types of feelings, thoughts, and emotions for everyone. However, this time of year can be especially difficult for those who already struggle with their mental...

What survivors wish you knew about sexual assault

Sexual assault and sexual violence are the most under-reported crime in America. The month of April has been dedicated to sexual assault awareness and prevention.

The effect of an aesthetic: How ‘cottagecore’ shaped quarantine for many

The aesthetic, termed “cottagecore,” thrives upon soft color pallets and filters and is inspired heavily by a strongly romanticized idea of early western agricultural life. Think soft meadows, cute farmhouses, prairie dresses, and home-baked goods.

Student artist feature: Isabella Frunzar

An image of an abstract art piece

Student artists have had the ability to have their art displayed in the school taken away due to the virtual format of this school year. One of these artists is Isabella Frunzar, a junior here at OHS.

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