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‘I’m Scared’: The new clothing brand created by 2 OHS students

Anthony Rosales and Nick Orozco pose for a picture wearing their branded shirts.

This and their passion for fashion led them to create their very own clothing line, called “I’m Scared.” Orozco and Rosales explained that they decided to call it that in order to express that people don’t need to be scared of their fears anymore.

BREAKING: Principal Mike Wayne announces plan to retire at end of school year

Mike Wayne smiling at his desk

Oswego High School principal Mr. Mike Wayne will retire at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, an email sent to OHS families and staff on Monday, Dec. 10, confirmed. Mr. Wayne has worked in public education for 33 years as a teacher, dean, and assistant principal, with 14 of those years as OHS’s principal.

Spooky Time, Ep. 1

Podcast producers Annabelle Rivera and Anthony Myers talk about conspiracy theories that will chill you to the bone.

What app is the best for falling asleep?

collage of app logos in thought bubbles over phone

If you've ever looked at apps or websites that can help with your sleeping performance, it can get pretty overwhelming. These programs all promise the same thing: a better night’s sleep. However, they all seem the same, so how could you choose the one that works?

‘Noises Off’ promises a complex, cathartic stage experience

Actors practicing the fall play in a dress rehearsal.

"Noises Off!" is the first play of the school year to hit the Oswego High School stage. The production features a play-within-a-play narrative that takes viewers behind the scenes of a doomed production. The play-within-a-play concept that “Noises Off!” has is very interesting. Each cast member has an American character, and their British character in "Noises Off!" is an actor...