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Opinion: HoCo craziness not worth remembering


OH Homecoming took a dramatic turn this year, ending in a fire alarm and water bottle throwing amid crowds. 

 If students wanted a night of craziness and dancing, the 2023 HoCo might be considered a great night. This year’s HoCo consisted of water bottle throwing, crowd surfing, the fire alarm being pulled, and the DJ talking over a good amount of the music. 

“In some cases, the DJ talking over the music hyped up the crowd. In other cases, it kinda got annoying,” said OH sophomore Ethan Monahan.

I agree. The DJ talking over the music mostly kept the energy up during the dance, but at times it was hard to listen to the music.

According to Monahan, it was good that the DJ spoke over the music when he did, because sometimes kids were throwing things at each  other, especially their shoes. 

I thought the fire alarm being pulled was funny at first, but it became scary because I didn’t know if there was a real fire or not. Similarly, the crowd surfing was funny at first, but it began to become dangerous as students were falling on their heads.

“The crowd surfing at HoCo was fun at first, but it got out of hand way too quickly when people started getting hurt,” said OH senior Jazmin LeForce. 

The water bottle throwing could’ve been prevented by the chaperones, but it was ultimately the responsibility of the students, because they shouldn’t have brought the water bottles in the first place. 

The fire alarm prank was not necessary; it caused worry, and people wearing heels could have hurt themselves running in the crowds. Previous years’ Homecoming’s weren’t like this year’s crazy night. From pulling the fire alarm, to kids crowd surfing till they fell, this year’s HoCo was one to think back to. 

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