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 OHS Athletic Trainers Support Fall Athletes


Oswego High School Friday night lights are back in season with fall sports. To support fall athletes, the Oswego Athletic Training Students (OATS) are actively helping to keep athletes in top shape.

According to Head Trainer Mr. Brian Cronin, OATS play a big role in getting all the players ready and prepared to be on the field. 

“As an athletic trainer we treat the injury from when it completely happens till the player is completely healed,” Cronin said. 

The Athletic trainers are responsible for getting the players water, ice and wrapping their injuries. New OATS are learning to be certified, while the vets are expected to be more engaged with the players and injuries, because of their prior experience of being part of OATS.

“I am a vet and I am certified to wrap the player’s ankles,” said Jaiden Ory, OH senior and returning OAT.  

According to Jadien Ory the OATS  put in a lot of work behind the scenes. They are expected to work 300-500 hours during the academic year. Their job is to attend to the player throughout the whole injury. Behind the scenes, the trainers are expected to be the first people at the games and the last to leave. 

“We work very hard to set up practices and make sure the players who are in the training room get treated. Most people just think we are water girls!” said Jaiden Ory. 

It is important to see that the athletic trainers are always on their feet and constantly checking up on the players to make sure they can perform to the best of their ability.

“We do get thank you’s here and there but when someone really does come up to us and tell us they appreciate us getting a player back in the game it feels good,” said Cronin.

 From a new perspective of the new students of the program , OATS are ready to be on the field and learn.

 “I was very excited to be an OAT. I was excited to meet new people and learn the curriculum,” said Alexa Ory, OH junior and first year OAT.

The biggest events the OATS look forward to is Senior Night and Crosstown. These are the two biggest events for the OATS. Crosstown is one event that the OATS get to look forward to, not only is it our rival game but they also get to experience a rush, working as a trainer and attending to the players.

 “I am really looking forward to senior night. I have been waiting for this all year,” said Ory. “I think being on the field is more fun than being in the Orange Crew. When you are on the field working it is a different perspective.”

Although being in OATS is enjoyable, there are some scary moments trainers face. Senior OAT Ava McManus emphasizes a memorable encounter she had this year. 

 “The first game of the season I got tackled and it hurt really bad, but I am still alive!” McManus said. 

According to Cronin, all of the OATS work very well and are always moving quickly and responding to the players in need. It is important to understand that when a player gets back on the field after being injured, an OAT must clear them to play.

 The head trainer have made it very clear that the OATS work very hard and put in a lot of time and dedication to being apart of the Athletic Training Program.

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  1. Nice, Nicole! You captured the spirit of OATS – dedication, long hours, and hard work! Hopefully this will remind everyone to than an OAT!

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