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A look into the OH Varsity Girls Basketball team’s 2022 season


Oswego Varsity Girls Basketball has had a challenging season so far, currently standing at 4-16. This year, the varsity team works through their obstacles with a new head coach, David Lay. Coming from a smaller school, Plano High School, he was excited to work with a larger team and a variety of talent. 

Success in the games is their top priority, but Lay emphasizes the importance of their team culture. 

“Our goal is to just keep getting better each and every day,” Lay says. “You know the wins and losses will come, but our first focus was to change the culture of the program. We wanted to have a real good positive vibe and a place where the girls want to be every day.”  

Creating a good team culture is a prime factor for the team, and it is reciprocated onto the court. Coming to a new school can be intimidating, but Lay was ecstatic to work with this particular group. 

“The girls are phenomenal, we absolutely love them. Coach Kiner and I are overjoyed to be with this group,” Lay says. “They are the most fun group of girls we’ve ever been around, and they’re just a joy to come and work with everyday.” 

The team is constantly going up against talented teams, and it puts their perseverance to the test. Lay has been appreciative of their never-say-die attitude. 

“It doesn’t matter how much we’re down, they keep fighting and play all the way to the last second,” Lay says. 

Seeing a ton of improvement this year, Lay is thrilled to see the growth of the program over the coming years.

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My name is Miranda Cook, and this is my first year being a part of 42Fifty! I am a junior at OHS, and I am on the varsity cheer team. I enjoy taking photos and hanging out with my friends in my free time, and I cannot wait to start my career in journalism!



  1. You are well on your way Miranda. Thanks for your insight and perspectives … never give up hope and stay the course… the team, and you, are showing your true blue colors.
    Proud grandparent and fan of Ashley Cook and Miranda Cook❤️

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