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On the morning of Monday, April 4, the school announced via the morning announcements that a new dress code rule banning all students from wearing clothes and outfits from SHEIN would be implemented starting today. The school additionally sent an email to students and parents late Friday night with all the additional information regarding consequences and how the new rule would be enforced.

 In the email, administration addressed concerns over students’ outfits being too tacky and cheap. Complaints about too many girls wearing the same outfits from teachers and students led to this decision. Additionally, students in the Ennvironmental Science classes expressed their concerns over the damage fast fashion has had on the environment and began an anti-SHEIN campaign leading to the decision to ultimately ban all student from wearing SHEIN- brand clothes.

Students are now required to keep visible tags on clothing or be able to provide a receipt of proof that their clothing item is not from SHEIN. If students fail to show proof, they will be required to change into their gym clothing or call a parent or guardian so they can bring them alternate clothing. 

Active SHEIN consumers at OHS have showed strong blackflash against the new rule. Within only a couple of days of the rule being in effect they have already found a way around it. A similar online shop by the name of Romwe, produced by the same manufacturer and factories as SHEIN, has been the main alternative the SHEIN-sers have opted for instead. Students have also fought against the rule by showing up in head-to-toe outfits from SHEIN. The most worn items being pattern-printed sherpa bucket hats, e-girl school girl skirts, chunky rings, and corset tops. 

The school is currently in the process of developing consequences for students that continue to wear SHEIN and have begun encouraging thrifting and providing students with alternative clothing stores. They are also in the process of banning Romwe and tacky trends overall. 

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