Marco Wilson, a senior at Oswego High School, plays on the varsity basketball team. Wilson has been playing basketball at OHS since his freshman year. This is his last year playing for Oswego, and he’s ready “to go out with a bang.”

Wilson has been playing basketball since he was about three years old. But once he turned eleven, he started playing organized basketball. There, he learned the basics of basketball, and how to react in certain situations. However, he “really didn’t take basketball serious until was a freshman.”

Wilson picked basketball because of his height.

“I figured I was taller than everyone else,” Wilson said, chuckling. “It just made sense.”

His logic checks out. Wilson is a towering 6’5.  

Basketball isn’t his only sport—he also played football and soccer in the past (though he admitted to not being too good at soccer).

The way Wilson carries himself and prepares himself is worth mentioning. The amount of hard work and dedication he puts forward in the offseason bleeds into the regular season.

Of course any dedicated basketball player has a pre-game ritual of some sort, and Wilson is no exception. His involves “a nice Jimmy John’s sandwich,” after which he “like to put up a good 200 or so shots.”

He’s a got a nonchalant humor to his tone, as he describes what drove him to his sport and what he does before a big game.

“There are more important things in life, of course,” Wilson said. “But basketball is always one of my top priorities”

Besides basketball, Wilson enjoys a good video game session, and spending time with his family. He seemed a little shy to admit that he plays video games, punctuating the confession with a casual “not gonna lie.”

Any long-time player has a few highlights, and Wilson has gained some big wins over the years: Winning a tournament for Thompson Junior High, and also traveling out to Illinois Wesleyan  and winning there are atop his list. When asked which was his favorite, he had trouble deciding and settled on a tie.

He is interested in playing after high school, but he hasn’t settled on a college.

“ still looking,” Wilson said. “Maybe overseas.”

His ambition remains, and with a strong final year at OHS, the future could be very bright for a young Marco Wilson: a passionate and talented power forward.

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