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Scholastic Bowl sells ‘Boo-Grams’ for Halloween


“Boo-grams” are being sold by the Oswego High School Scholastic Bowl team from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26. The candy grams will be sold in the cafeteria during lunch periods, which can be bought for anyone in the school building.

Halloween is less than a week away, and to many, it is the time to eat greater amounts of candy than usual. Scholastic Bowl’s “boo-grams” include more than just sweets, though.

For just a dollar, you can buy a candy gram that will also include a trivia question (with the answer to the question on the back). Spookily decorated Smarties are attached, and the option to write out a message for the receiver is provided. After you purchase your “boo-gram”, they will be delivered the following week on Halloween during third hour.

Scholastic Bowl is a trivia club here at OHS. They compete against other schools to answer trivia questions about a variety of subjects such as art, history, math, literature, science, etc.  This is their first year making the candy grams.

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