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Mark Your Calendars, Seniors

Graduation caps being thrown into a blue sky

By Daniela Ceja 42Fifty Staff Writer

Graduation is an important event for any graduating senior, but it’s also important to know the key dates leading up to the big ceremony. Here’s a run-down of those upcoming events:

Cap & Gown Pick-Up and Ticket Distribution (May 9 & May 10): Seniors need to pick up their tickets, cap and gown by May 10. They will be available during lunch hours.

Senior Celebration (May 12): A long-running tradition for OHS, Senior Celebration is, as the website declares, “the ULTIMATE graduation party”. It’s essentially a 5-hour lock-in in which graduating seniors will participate in games (“volleyball, bags, scavenger, blow up obstacles”) and win prizes (“TVs, iPads, microwaves, gift cards, baskets, etc”). There’s also a chance at winning the SC scholarship. Forms are found in the main office and participation requires a $25 fee.

Mandatory Graduation Practice (May 18): (9:00 AM – 11:00 AM) All graduating seniors must attend graduation practice in order to walk through the actual ceremony. This practice will be held at Oswego High School.

Senior Picnic (May 18): (11:30 AM – 12:30 AM) The senior picnic will be held at OHS. The tickets are 10 dollars each and will be sold between May 1 and May 11. There will be no extra tickets provided during the event–they must be bought in advance.

Baccalaureate (May 18): (6:00 PM) The baccalaureate is a religious ceremony that honors the graduating class and will be held in the Dave & Donna Barnes Performing Arts Center. It will be sponsored by the Oswego Council of Churches. No tickets are needed to attend.

Graduation Ceremony (May 19): (3:00 PM) The Graduation Ceremony will be held at Northern Illinois University’s West Campus at 3 p.m (although doors open at 2 p.m.). The final step in your high school career–literally. You’ll walk and receive your diploma, along with hearing fellow students and faculty reflect on the last four years.

And then, you’re done.


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