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Preparing for Winter Weather


The winter season is here! Time to bring out all the warmest blankets and buy hot chocolate. It’s the time where everyone brings out all of the Christmas movies and people start spending more time with their loved ones and everyone is just generally nicer. Here are some weird and helpful tips to make your winter season more enjoyable:

Turning On a Ceiling Fan – According to mentalfloss.com, turning on a ceiling fan can make your house warmer. If the heat is on, and it’s still not warm enough, try this trick. Warm air rises, and turning on a ceiling fan will “push the warm air back down”

Hot and Cold Showers – Hot showers may be warmer and more enjoyable, but cold showers have a better effect on your body. Not only are they healthier, but they also increase blood flow, which will make you warmer. So as soon as you are done with that cold shower, wrap yourself in blankets and warm up in seconds

Dress Warm – Warm yourself before worrying about blankets and thermostats. Wear long underwear under your comfy pajamas. Wear a sweatshirt around the house to get really comfy to watch those Christmas movies

Wear a Hat Inside – Your body will project heat from any part of the body that isn’t covered. It’s best to cover as many parts of your body as possible to get the warmest. So if you can’t seem to get warm no matter what you do, cover your head

Three Feet Rule – Space heaters are a great way to warm up a cold house. But those toasty boxes are safer three feet away from anything flammable, says NBC Washington

Gas Tank – If you have a car, it’s important to keep your gas tank half full. AAA Exchange reports that anyone who plans on driving this winter should keep their gas tank at least half full to avoid a gas line freeze-up. Click the link for more safety tips for driving.

Make sure you are prepared for this upcoming bitterly cold season, and be sure to keep warm and be safe.

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