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Justice League Review


November 17th, DC released “The Justice League”. This movie gives the plot of bringing together six out of the original seven; Green Lantern has yet to be introduced to the franchise. Without swaying anyone’s opinion, the movie passed my expectations.

Granted, the bar was low from the previous movies DC recently pushed out. Don’t get too excited, because the CGI doesn’t get any better. Sure it left some, a lot rather, to be desired. But how was anyone going to expect DC to break the bank on this movie if “Batman VS Superman” failed in the theaters. Other than that, the movie was a delight to watch. The only reason someone would hate this movie is because they have their nose aimed high. With the witty humor, and the thrilling action, the movie gave a nostalgic reference to the Justice League that we all grew up loving.

In the movie, Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, enlists Wonder Woman, Cyborg, the Flash, and Aquaman. Together, they revive Superman to help them fight against Darkside, the antagonist of the movie. But when Superman is brought back to life, he wasn’t fully restored. In blind rage, Superman fights the League as they try to pacify him.

The writers made sure to include a chilling moment in this scene, for Superman holds Batman up and asks him in a cold voice “do you bleed?”. That line being a reference to when Batman asked Superman that same question in “Batman VS Superman”. But like the prepared man he is, Batman made sure to bring in “the big guns,” as in Lois Lane. Once Superman is soothed, the final boss fight begins. The newly made league’s harmonious fight scene brought a cheeky grin to my face. Steppenwolf and his parademons fail to unite the mother boxes, and the League manages to bring home their first victory.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, I urge you to go see it without reading the review on Rotten Tomatoes first. They say that “The Justice League” was another movie that DC made to “dog” the franchise. I perch my brow at this because, from my standpoint and others I have discussed this with, that is not the case. Maybe I am easy to please, but the movie was not a complete waste. People forget to remember that as great as Marvel is right now, even they had to start from somewhere. It took Marvel ten years to get to the greatness it is now, and DC is just now starting the process. It would have been nice if DC took their time on rolling out their first couple of movies, they could have turned out much better. But like I said, it is going to take some time before DC finds its groove.

And as for those who think Ezra has got a funky run, has it ever occurred to you that he too is learning to find his groove? It is going to take some practicing for the Flash to develop a better form since this was only his first gig as the Flash. Be patient, he’ll get there.

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