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Culture Council: Coffeehouse on the Corner


On Monday, November 20, the Culture Council presented “Coffeehouse Around The Corner”. It was a day-long seminar where students were presented with scenarios and topics for them to freely discuss their views and opinions.

As Dr. Baker put it, it was “ the millennial speed-dating with an academic twist”.

That being because there was ten tables that each had a different scenario that students would rotate from every five minutes. Students were welcomed at the door of the Community Room with a playing card corresponding to the table they would start at, a brownie, and a cold bottle of water.

Following that, Chris Grady gave a bright and warm welcome and an explanation of what “Coffeehouse Around The Corner” was. He deeply expressed how, no matter what, everyone’s opinion would be respected.

Then the timer was started, and the leaders of each table presented themselves and their scenario.

The leaders, Tahany, Chris, Noah, Melissa, Madison, Cachet, Mark. J.D., Messina, Nathan, Allison, Elise, Aiden, Stephen, and Jett did their best to have everyone share their views and opinions of the situations given to them.

Some subjects the scenarios pertained to issues students see everyday at school. Such as “What if your best friend began to date your ex-boyfriend of two years fresh out of your break-up?”, or “Someone uses the word retard jokingly, knowing that it is offensive to those with mental disabilities…”. Or more serious and daring issues to dive into. Like the student’s stance on gun violence, or kneeling during the National Anthem.

Students were very mature about addressing the matters. Students were able to civilly disagree with their peers and express their views from a different standpoint.

After every five minutes, the students switched tables with bright faces, and weren’t too put down from the heavy discussions from the previous table.

At the end of each period, J.D. gave a positive closing note, hopeful that this event was a great experience for everyone who had attended.

This wonderful experience may come next semester, so keep an eye out.

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