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‘A Christmas Carol’ Review


I recently went to see the play A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theater. I have to say I typically don’t love plays but this one was one of the few that I’ve enjoyed a lot.

It followed the original Dickens’ story for the most part, but there were different things in it like more humor, which is probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much.

Plays usually follow the story exactly as it is written and keep inline with costumes, this play however changed some of them like Christmas past was a bright sparkling little girl.

In the original movie version featuring Seymour Hicks, Scrooge’s door bell begins ringing when his partner comes to visit from beyond the grave while in the play the door itself does this.

The ghosts are drastically different aside from the ghosts who are seen only as an outline in the movie, the ghost of present in the play was a woman who would throw something like glitter while the movie is a bigger man. The ghost of Christmas future we see as death or the grim reaper in the play but in the movie we see him as nothing more than a shadow, a very interesting move making it be death as Scrooge is dead in the visions from future.  

This play has been going on for years now, and they do it year after year with great success and a great cast. If you were considering seeing this play I would highly recommend it as it is a very well done play. I would see it again myself honestly.

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